Category: Troubleshooting

  • Obnoxious Bugs in CSS3 Columns

    I got pretty excited when I found a promising application for CSS columns in a project I’ve been working on for my wife – she sells Dog Collars and Toys on Etsy, and we’ve been collaborating on creating a site to complement her Etsy shop. I figured that CSS columns would be the perfect way […]

  • Flawed… On So Many Levels

    In writing this post, I would like to draw your attention to the included picture, more specifically the paragraph to the left of the gloved hand holding the cigarette. Notice anything? Like an uglier-than-heck typo? How is it that an ad, more than likely professionally produced and printed (as I saw it on a nice, […]

  • A Curious Occurence

    You know, I think that I have to say that troubleshooting problems is my favorite activity of all time. No, no, it’s really not. Considering the fact that I’ve spent over three hours attempting to fix a small but incredibly annoying glitch with the audio on my computer, and barely begun to make the slightest […]