A Bright Ray of Hope

Today, while I was driving the last stretch of my journey home from Provo, I noticed something that I had never seen before. As we all know, this time of year, every couple of years, the world seems to magically fill up with signs bearing various names. For the most part, at least at the beginning, these names are unrecognizeable. But as time wears on, we come to recognize various signs, having seen them hundreds of times.

That’s the case with me right now. The signs have been up long enough that I could call out the names of nearly all the candidates for nearly all the offices, just off the top of my head.

But something that truly surprised me today was a new sign, one that I hadn’t seen before. But it was bearing a somewhat familiar name, one that has run for president in every election that I can recall, though his name has rarely been heard more than a few times. He even switches parties occasionally… Not that it really matters. We all know that there are two parties that hold the publicity… And the votes.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, his name is Ralph Nader. Who knows exactly what drives him to keep running, but you’ve got to appreciate his perseverance. He’s always there for me, if I need someone else to vote for. Maybe, one day, he’ll actually get somewhere with that. Maybe. Though I suppose I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.

Oh, and plus, I can’t vote for him now… As I’ve already voted. But I’m sure he’ll be there next election.

And I doubt I’d vote for him, anyway. I’ve heard people comment that it would simply be ‘throwing my vote away.’ And I’d have to agree. Plus, I don’t have the slightest idea what his views are. Maybe it would be a good idea to check that out.

But, the point is, through all my rambling, if you can’t stand voting for either McCain or Obama, you’ve always got Ralph. He’s there for you.


An Insult to Intelligence

While I was reviewing the candidates available for my vote in this coming election, I realized something rather ridiculous. You see, under the category for ‘Governor’ and ‘Lieutenant Governor’, I found a rather surprising name, that of “Superdell” Dell Schanze.

Am I the only one somewhat frightened by this? As I investigated further, I happened upon his blog. There, I found the wonderful statment, “Depending on who becomes president I very well could be the last hope of liberty and freedom on earth.”

I sure hope not. If so, I may as well drive a limo filled with explosives off a nearby cliff. It would make for a good show, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about ‘the last hope of liberty and freedom on earth.’ That would be far too frightening for me to deal with. The thought alone makes me shudder.

Thankfully, however, I am rather sure that the people of the State of Utah are more intelligent than to believe him.