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My Newest Love: Economics

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Economics is a fascinating subject. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am entranced. Now, before you go off thinking that I’ve totally lost my mind, let me explain.


Of Tablets and Buses

I’ve thought about writing various posts in the past few days, though mostly due to the beginning of school I have, as of yet, been unable to do so. But, it seems that I have now found a moment that is calm enough to write a post.

As I stated, this week I began school. It’s been pretty exciting. Tuesday was the first day, which meant an early busride down to the lovely city of Provo. I don’t yet know how I feel about riding in a bus twice a week, but thus far it certainly hasn’t gotten on my nerves. It gives me a chance to do some homework, read, or write a post in a nearly undisturbed, if not entirely comfortable, situation.

The Utah Transit Authority has done a decent job of making the rides simple and pain free. I have access to good ‘ole wireless internet, which is very appreciated. Of course, a good deal of the time it lags around at the rate of dial-up, but at least it’s the internet. Plus, it makes me appreciate the fast internet at school and home more.

Aside from the buses, I also decided to write about a superb discovery that I made today. During one of my classes, we took our first trip to the computer lab that we will often be using. There, I found not just one, but a great many beautiful surprises… Wacom Cintiq tablets staring at me from 80% of the computers in the room. They are $2000 jewels of amazingness for those of us who want to draw on our computer screens as if they were pieces of paper. I remained in awe for several moments. Rarely have I beheld such a stunningly beautiful sight. My only complaint is that they don’t include the required pens… So I’m going to have to get one so that I can utilize the amazing things.


The New r.t

Well, here I am… Yet again, I’m making another blog. I know, before, with the exception of one, they didn’t work out very well. But I’m gonna try again. So, please forgive me for that. Right now, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a work in progress. I just barely started. So, there you have it. If you’re here right now, viewing this post, either you’re going back a ways or I’ve given you the address to my new site before it’s near being done, just so that you can look at it and keep updated.

Its pretty cool, eh?
It's pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, during this post, I wanted to express my happiness at seeing the little ‘A’ in the picture at the left. Before Tuesday of this week, that ‘A’ didn’t exist. It was simply a dash. Now, please, let me explain why that’s significant. That ‘A’ stands for the word ‘Add,’ which is referring to adding, or registering, for a class. That particular course happens to be a program-specific course, requiring admission to the Industrial Design program.

So, basically, my seeing that ‘A’ there means that I have been admitted to the Industrial Design program at Brigham Young University, which just so happens to be one of my greatest aspirations at this point. That means that right now I am rather happy. And that’s the whole point of my taking a picture of that little, seemingly insignificant letter.