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Super Bowl

So, I figured that I had to write something soon. I was going to write something on Tuesday night, but I was disappointed with the outcome of the event where I was. So, I’m writing about the Superbowl as it’s going on so that I won’t be disappointed with its outcome and thus further delay writing.

Anyway, I’m mostly happy that I finally convinced my Dad to help me move the woodburning stove out from underneath our projector screen so that we could extend the screen and allow the projector to use its full 100-inch screen.It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, not so long ago I wasn’t at all interested in the Super Bowl. But lately (over the last several years) I’ve decided that it’s a jolly fun thing. I mean, I enjoy watching football, and the Superbowl is a big event. Plus, it’s a good excuse to sit down and watch some TV while chowing down on chips & salsa.

My point is, I enjoy it. This year, I hope that the Cardinals win, if for no other reason than that they’re from Arizona and are the underdogs. But as of right now (7:31 left in the third quarter), that seems doubtful.

Oh, yeah. One other thing: Superbowl commercials are almost always enjoyable. That’s another awesome reason to watch the Superbowl.


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