Android Honeycomb Tablet

Honeycomb Tablet

A video of an Android tablet running Android version 3 (otherwise known as Honeycomb) is out. It’s incredible! First, Google has updated Google Maps to be totally vector-based (meaning it uses mathematical formulas to create the graphics, rather than downloading pictures), which makes downloading map information much faster. Second, it’s a tablet… Running a version of Android made for tablets…

What does this mean? We’ll soon be able to get tablets free from Apple’s walled garden — where good ‘ole Steve Jobs decides what’s best for everyone — and get truly customizable tablets. I’m excited.

Truthfully, I don’t know how much I’d use a tablet, as I nearly always have access to a computer, but it might be nice for reading or things like that.

Maybe one of these days I’ll give one a try. Especially if it’s running Android.


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