User Lists in Twitch’s IRC with ZNC

Twitch’s IRC is, well, not like most IRC. They’ve modified it in so many ways, it’s difficult to still even consider it IRC. But hey, at least we still can connect to their chat services using IRC. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway, one of their most recent changes was removing join/part messages completely from default chat, unless you specifically request permissions. That means that your IRC client won’t see a members list at all for a channel. Luckily, a simple command still gets you the join/parts, so that you can still at least see the members list.

All you need to do is run this IRC command before joining channels to request the capability:


Unfortunately for me, I’m using ZNC, which makes it more difficult to run this. However, once again, a little bit of googling found a solution. All you need to do is enable the perform module and have it execute the CAP REQ command above when you join the server. To enable it on ZNC, just run the following commands in any IRC client connected to your ZNC’s Twitch instance:

/msg *status loadmod perform
/msg *perform add CAP REQ
/msg *status disconnect
/msg *status connect

After ZNC reconnects to twitch, you should be getting membership lists from your Twitch channels!


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