Category: Technology

  • Obnoxious Bugs in CSS3 Columns

    I got pretty excited when I found a promising application for CSS columns in a project I’ve been working on for my wife – she sells Dog Collars and Toys on Etsy, and we’ve been collaborating on creating a site to complement her Etsy shop. I figured that CSS columns would be the perfect way […]

  • Building a Better Data Generator

    In my capacity as a Quality Engineer at a company building data analysis software, I often find myself looking for quality data sets that I can use in my testing. Sometimes, I take the time to find some real data that fits my needs, but oftentimes it’s impossible (or takes far too long) to locate […]

  • Automatic Deployment with Gitolite

    About Gitolite About a year and a half ago, I came across a great open-source git repository management tool called Gitolite. It’s a great tool for hosting and managing git repositories. It worked especially well for me because I run my own web server where I could set it up. If you’d like to give […]

  • Monitoring a Web Page for Changes

    Today, I found myself needing a way to monitor a page. I didn’t need anything fancy, just something that would alert me if a page changed in any way. So, I set up a simple bash script and cron job to monitor the page. For me, this was a perfect solution. Since I’ve got a […]

  • Android Honeycomb Tablet

    A video of an Android tablet running Android version 3 (otherwise known as Honeycomb) is out. It’s incredible! First, Google has updated Google Maps to be totally vector-based (meaning it uses mathematical formulas to create the graphics, rather than downloading pictures), which makes downloading map information much faster. Second, it’s a tablet… Running a version […]