Yes Man – 87/100

Yes Man - Screenshot

I figured that I should write my own little review of a movie that I saw today. It was, overall, quite an entertaining movie. I was kept laughing through the majority of the film, and though that’s not the most difficult thing to make me do, it always makes a movie more entertaining.

Aside from a few awkward moments (which I don’t suggest young children see), the movie was pretty clean, which is always a bonus. It’s just that those two scenes really are awkward. It wouldn’t have hurt them to completely cut them out… But doesn’t that just seem to be the trend nowadays?

But the glorious part is that it has a surprisingly inspiring plot. I felt like becoming a “Yes Man” myself when it was over. It really is rather encouraging and does a good job motivating one to act – to do things that we normally wouldn’t, whether it be because they seem weird, awkward, stupid, or absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Especially the part with the (I assume) Australian boss that sincerely believes that Costco Memberships are incredibly exclusive and difficult to obtain.

So, the point is, I gave the movie 87/100. Good stuff, though I would’ve preferred that it not have the little awkward parts. Without those, it would’ve acheived a higher ranking, and I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending the movie to anyone.

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Who wants to pay $90 to get back? Any volunteers? Because I know that I sure don’t. And guess whose fault it is? I’m blaming godaddy.

The reason that I am doing so mostly relates to’s lovely assumption that no one would ever want to change services to someone else. I mean, why in the world would anyone ever rather use another registrar? The very thought is preposterous! Rather, so it seems to Godaddy.

They’ve made it awfully difficult to move a domain name registered through them to someone else. And that, my friends, is the reason that they now want me to pay $90 to get it back. But alas, I do not feel so inclined. And therefore, goodbye applyclan. That is, unless they release it to public registration soon. Then I will be able to register it again at a much more reasonable price – $8.95.

Let’s hope, shan’t we?