Anyone Care to Explain This?

101_0757.JPGThe sign, that is. I was totally confused as to how the right lane could turn left. So, if anyone could explain to me how that all works out, that would be greatly appreciated.

101_0769.JPGAnyway, aside from being horribly confused by that, this week has been pretty good. This week we had the baptism of Erik Molina, a little 9 year-old kid who really doesn’t understand much, but he and his mother wanted him to be baptized, so we did it. Anyway, the baptism this week was a lot more organized and went a lot smoother than the one last week.

In other news, we had an awesome ward activity here this weekend, run by none other than the missionaries. I thought that it was pretty cool, though not the most amazing one that I had ever been to. But, apparently, the Bishop told us that it was the best activity that the ward had ever had. So, yeah. That was pretty cool to find out.

This week I also received my sling. Hooray. Yeah, I have to wear it because my shoulder has still been hurting. So my parents sent it down overnight and I got it on Friday. But I’ve got to get it to stop hurting… It’s to the point where it’s interrupting the work at times.

Anyway, enough of that. I suppose that I’ll include a Spiritual thought this week, since I haven’t done that in awhile. So, this week I was reading in the book “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: John Taylor.” I was reading about our agency and whatnot.

I know this isn’t anything new, but this time it really kind of hit me hard. We’re here on earth to be tested, right? We’re not here to see what we can get away with or anything like that. Every action could potentially influence our eternal happiness. Every single thought and word, too. Anyway, so we really get to choose where we go based completely on what we do.

I know that I, personally, would like to be as happy as I possibly can be for eternity. As it says in 2 Nephi 2:27, “Men are free … to choose liberty and eternal life… or to choose captivity and death…” Well, the way I see it, we chould be careful with what we do in every moment, so that we don’t get stuck with the whole “Captivity and death” option… That doesn’t sound too fun to me.

Oh, yeah… Also, it was 102 on Saturday. Great, isn’t it?

Anyway, have fun, everybody! Enjoy your week.


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