Category: Mission

  • I See Snow!

    I have officially decided, though I haven’t technically been acting as a missionary, I’m still set apart, and therefore I will write one last article on this site before I change to another, yet-to-be-made site, which will mostly deal with non-mission related things, including (but most certainly not limited to) badgers, schooling, spoons, dollar bills, […]

  • El Fin Se Acerca.

    Wow-ee… I don’t even know what to say. Well, ok, I do… It’s been great fun. Yeah, it’s been the experience of a lifetime. And, weirdly enough, it’s just about over! Yeah, it’s crazy. Anyway, this week has been great fun, I can’t lie. We worked hard, and though there were no baptisms, people came […]

  • Shoot.

    Darn. Approximately 30 seconds ago, this box where I am now typing was full of witty, enjoyable comments written by yours truly. Sadly, I made a riciculous error while attempting to simultaneously write yet another email, and… Ouch… There goes all my thoughtful, interesting commentary about the week. But alas, now I have started again, […]

  • Aquaball

    I almost went swimming today. But don’t worry! I promise that it was totally Kosher. Yes, totally Kosher. Today we played Kickball… But with a twist. All the bases were kiddie pools – with the exception of home base. Going in to home base there was the ultimate slip-n’-slide… A large sheet of plastic (the […]

  • The Work

    Due to a comment by one of my good friends, I have decided to entitle this email ‘The Work’, and talk about how the work is going. Apparently I don’t do that enough, or something. This week, lots of exciting stuff happened. We were able to set several baptismal dates, a few of which are […]

  • Die Blitzkreig!

    Many of you may be wondering, “Why in the world did I just get Elder Taylor’s update on Wednesday?” If I were not me, I would likely be wondering the same thing. But since I am me, I happen to know why I am sending emails on P-day. Therefore, I will now explain that to […]

  • What the Weather?

    This week was, with no other possible way to describe it, absolutely crazy. Round about a week ago, the temperature was at approx. 110 degrees, which is rather hot. It was very undesirable and caused much sweat. Within two days, however, the temperature had dropped to an incredible 65 degrees, which is just about 30 […]

  • Companions Forever

    Well, hopefully it won’t last forever. But as of 2 days from now, my current companion will have been my companion for the longest period of time. We got transfer news, and he and I will be staying together for my last transfer. It’s crazy to think that I’ve only got one more transfer left, […]

  • Concentrated Beams of Light

    We recently finished one of the most awesome Zone Activities ever. Yup, that’s right, ever. No ifs, ands, or buts. We went to play some awesome lazertag, and I must admit that it was spectacular. Of course, you probably already got that impression from what I’ve already written, but such was the case. Plus, it […]

  • Scrumptulescent!

    So, guess what? This lovely week, plenty of exciting stuff has been going on. First thing first, we had a lovely temple trip and breakfast this morning, with all but one of the companionships in our zone participating. So, that was great fun. We’ve been plenty busy with tons of lessons, and last night we […]