Concentrated Beams of Light

We recently finished one of the most awesome Zone Activities ever. Yup, that’s right, ever. No ifs, ands, or buts. We went to play some awesome lazertag, and I must admit that it was spectacular. Of course, you probably already got that impression from what I’ve already written, but such was the case. Plus, it was relatively cheap, because all of us went, so we got the group discount. Anyway, it was great stuff.

Also, as all of you know, yesterday was Mothers’ Day, on which missionaries are able to call home. So, that was cool, too. After church I called them up, and it was a glorious experience.

In other news, we had a decent week as far as missionary work goes. We managed to finally set a baptismal date with an investigator that has been involved in that for quite a long time. We had a lesson with him on Friday night and set the date for the 31st of May, which will be awesome (provided that I stay in this area 1 more transfer).

Other than that, there really hasn’t been that much going on… We’ve got a quite a few investigators that are completely ready and prepared for baptism, it’s just that they seem to be afraid of actually doing it. So, we’re working on that. They really need to just do it, but it’s hard to help them understand that. But hey, we’ll keep working on it.

But yeah, that’s really the news. It’s been a glorious week, but I’m tired from lazer-tagging, and I already talked to my family for quite awhile yesterday, so I’ma go ahead and finish this up. Have an awesome week! And always remember, the Gospel is True!