So, guess what? This lovely week, plenty of exciting stuff has been going on. First thing first, we had a lovely temple trip and breakfast this morning, with all but one of the companionships in our zone participating. So, that was great fun. We’ve been plenty busy with tons of lessons, and last night we had a rather interesting experience with a new investigator who is going through an incredibly difficult time in his life.

But, thankfully, he knew where to turn. We met with him for the first time and had a great lesson last night. He had gone to the Visitors’ Center before and the sister missionaries had (supposedly) sent the referral, which we never received. Then, last night, just as one of our appointments cancelled on us, we got a call from a sister at the Visitors’ Center who wanted to know if we could go teach him that moment. So, we went on over to the Visitors’ Center and taught him a great lesson. Anyway, it’s pretty cool.

In other news, we were robbed of our nice car this week. We had our interviews and car inspections on Wednesday, and when we got there with our incredibly clean car, (armor-alled and all) the vehicle coordinator said, “Wow… Awesome work, Elders. But we’re switching it out today…” So, he stole our 2007 Malibu and gave us a 2005 Corolla, which was depressingly filthy. Anyway, I was kind of distraught about it for a few days, but I think I’ve recovered now. But ’twas a sad thing.

But yeah, everything else is going pretty much amazingly well. Oh, yeah, BYU offered me a full tuition scholarship, apparently, so I can’t complain there, either. I was having trouble deciding where to go, but that seems to make the decision quite a bit easier. I still think I’d have more fun at BYU-Idaho, but I believe that good ‘ole BYU is the right choice for now.

But yeah, that’s the news. It’s been a pretty exciting week, I must admit. But yeah, no complaints from this end.

Anyway, everybody have an awesome week!