I almost went swimming today. But don’t worry! I promise that it was totally Kosher. Yes, totally Kosher. Today we played Kickball… But with a twist. All the bases were kiddie pools – with the exception of home base. Going in to home base there was the ultimate slip-n’-slide… A large sheet of plastic (the type used in construction) covered with water and dish soap. Anyway, it was just about the most exciting Zone Activity ever. I mean… I enjoyed the lazer-tagging from last transfer, but this didn’t cost us any money.

But yeah, it was great fun. No… It was glorious fun. I could go even further with that, but I’ll leave that there.

In other news, we’re no longer going to be having Litzy’s baptism on July 5th. It’s rather sad. But, her best friends (who are the ones who got her started on going to church and whatnot) are traveling to Mexico for the summer, beginning this week. So, since they won’t be there, she’s decided to wait for her baptism. Anyway, it’s pretty sad… But that’s ok. All is well.

In other news, we’re extremely happy that we just found one of our old investigators again. We had set a baptismal date with him when he rather suddenly disappeared. The other day he saw us walking, stopped his car, and set up another appointment with us. It’s exciting.

The weather is, as you might imagine, rather hot. Just barely, we had a carne asada (Mexican BBQ) in the park, where the temperature was a lovely 108 degrees. Imagine that… And I thought it was hot in Utah. Anyway, as long as you stay out of the sun and aren’t running around (and are wearing shorts and a T-shirt), it’s not so bad, really. I know, none of you think so… But it’s true! Oh, and I believe that I got a sunburn.

But yeah, I think that’s the most exciting news. Since we had so much to do this morning, we’re doing email rather late, and we don’t have much time… So, I’ma go now.

Everybody enjoy!