The Work

Due to a comment by one of my good friends, I have decided to entitle this email ‘The Work’, and talk about how the work is going. Apparently I don’t do that enough, or something.

This week, lots of exciting stuff happened. We were able to set several baptismal dates, a few of which are with the Espinoza Family. They are a family of five that we have been working with for quite some time. They keep delaying baptism because they don’t feel that they have yet received a solid answer to the prayers to know that the Book of Mormon is true. Anyway, it’s been difficult, but we’ve managed to get them to agree to a date of June 28th, provided they receive the answer that they’re expecting prior to that date.

Also, we were able to set a date with an awesome 9 year-old girl, Litzy Diaz. She’s been going to church for quite awhile in another branch. The only problem is that her mom is less-active, so it’s been kind of difficult to get support from her, because she often has to work on Sundays. But, on the plus side, Litzy is so excited about the church, and when we extended the date of July 5th, she was incredibly happy about it. The best part is that though I will officially have finished my mission by that point, I’ll be here with my family, so I’ll be able to go to the baptism with my family. It’s pretty awesome.

Other than that, we’re still struggling with the other people who are ready but don’t think they are. That’s been tricky, but we’ve been doing what we can. Hopefully they’ll notice it soon.

But yeah… That’s just about all the interesting news. Oh, yeah… I guess that there is some decent news. Though that Sister went home last week, she was replaced by one of the most awesome English Sister Missionaries in the mission. She speaks decent Spanish already, and she’ll now be speaking Spanish for the rest of her mission. Anyway, it’s pretty cool. But yeah, that’s just about it.

Life is great, the church is true, and sleep is good.