Die Blitzkreig!

Many of you may be wondering, “Why in the world did I just get Elder Taylor’s update on Wednesday?”

If I were not me, I would likely be wondering the same thing. But since I am me, I happen to know why I am sending emails on P-day. Therefore, I will now explain that to those of you who remain in the dark over said subject. And the reason is this: This week we participated in two separate ‘Training Blitz’es, which took up a lovely 4 days of our time, including Monday and Tuesday of this week. Therefore, we were not able to have our P-day on Monday, so we’re having it on Wednesday.

Anyway, participating in those has been fun, and we’ll be having another one coming up next Tuesday and Wednesday, which should be pretty interesting.

As part of those, I got to spend the last two days in one of my old areas, though in English, and covering a part of my area where we rarely ventured, due to a complete lack of people who speak Spanish. So, it was kind of weird, knowing that I had previously served in that area, but knowing nothing about it. But it was good fun, and I got to spend two enjoyable days with some cool Elders.

Apart from that, we’ve just been keeping plenty busy, finding awesomely incredible new investigators, and having good amounts of success. The other Elders and Sisters in our Ward also had a joint baptism on Saturday, which was rather fun. I somehow wound up directing the music, and one of the sisters was playing the piano, and her book kept closing on her, so I had to try to hold my hymnbook, direct the music, and keep her book open, all at the same time. It was a rather exciting experience.

Sadly, on Sunday, a Sister missionary was very sick and ended up spending many hours in the hospital. A day and a half later, she was there again, and she is going to be taking a plane ride home at 4:00 this afternoon…. So, that is pretty sad.

But yeah, I’m sure that other exciting things have happened since the last time that I wrote, but I can’t think of any other details right now, so I’m just going to go ahead and finish up right now.

Wait… One more thing… I also turned 21 this week, which was good fun.. One of the sisters pointed out that I can now buy alcohol. Fun, eh? I just wish that I got some cool benefit at the age of 21… Something that I could actually use… Like, being able to fly or something.

Anyway, I’ma finish up now. Have an awesome week!