I See Snow!

I have officially decided, though I haven’t technically been acting as a missionary, I’m still set apart, and therefore I will write one last article on this site before I change to another, yet-to-be-made site, which will mostly deal with non-mission related things, including (but most certainly not limited to) badgers, schooling, spoons, dollar bills, and spatulas.

What this means for all of you is that if you want to keep yourselves updated on basically what’s going on in my life, you will have an easy place to do so. The nice thing about it is that then you don’t have to feel bad if you act disinterested, since you’ll be able to update yourself. Or something like that.

This week has been pretty cool. On Monday night I took the short trip to the mission office in Scottsdale, where we had a lovely dinner followed by an almost EFY-style testimony meeting. I must say, however, that it did greatly surpass EFY testimony meetings in quality. The following morning we work up at 3:45 and had breakfast. Shortly thereafter, all the missionaries that were flying home departed for the airport, leaving me to fend for myself for a couple of hours until my family arrived at the office.

The rest of the week was spent driving back and forth between a cabin 20 miles east of Payson and a lovely place called the Valley of the Sun, otherwise known as the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It was pretty amazing. We visited many of the people that I had been able to get to know during my time there, and we ate some awesome meals, including incredible carne asadas.

As of yesterday, we attended church and departed for the lovely Grand Canyon. All in all, it took quite a while, but it turned out to be pretty awesome. For those of you who haven’t seen the Grand Canyon, it’s pretty cool. I mean, it definitely qualifies as being cooler than boring old sagebrush on hills. For those of you that have been to the Grand Canyon, I reckon that you know what I mean.

We stayed in the grand town of Kanab last night, and at the current time (when I’m writing this, not when I’m posting it), we are driving toward Salt Lake City, which just happens to be where our home is. Of course, I do believe that you already knew that.

And there you have it. Thus ends my mission.