This week has been pretty much great. Most of that happened last night in a lesson that we had with the Valles family, who have been investigating the church for a grand total of about two years. In the past, we had talked to them about what was keeping them from being baptized, and they hadn’t been giving us very clear answers. But last night, we were talking to them and asking them to set some specific goals to progress toward baptism.. In that process, we found out some pretty interesting stuff…

First off, they aren’t actually legally married. So, yeah… That was kind of surprising to find out. Second, they still both drink coffee on a daily basis. So, yeah… At least it gave us a good idea of where they are.. Anyway, near the end of the lesson we ended up setting the last Saturday in August as their goal for baptism. In that time, they’ve mostly just got to actually get married (They’ve been together for 12 years already….) and stop drinking coffee. Anyway, it was awesome to finally get to know what’s holding them back. In the past they had always simply told us, “We need to do a few things before we get baptized… But you can’t really help us with them.” Anyway, we’re excited, especially because we actually can help them with those things.

Anyway, that was an awesome experience. Apart from that, we’ve had another few good things happen. With Janet, whose date was set for the 4th, we’re going to have to push it back a little bit, since she wasn’t able to go to church this week, either. But she’s been reading a lot from the Book of Mormon and everything, and she’s always ready and willing to learn.

But yeah, that’s about it for the week… I’m just about completely out of the sling now, which is really nice. It does mean that the shoulder hurts a bit more, natually, but I enjoy it a lot. It’s also still kept itself in the socket, which is really good. It’s been close to leaving a few times, but it’s still in there.

Oh, yeah… one more thing. Members are amazing. This last week we went to Costco and a member paid for our food… It was awfully nice of her.


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