Took a Hike


Yeah, we really did take a hike. This morning. Up a small mountain. It was good fun.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good. It wasn’t quite as amazing as last week, but still rather enjoyable. We had Zone Conference on Wednesday, which was very enjoyable, even though we did get a little rebuking (for not talking to enough people on the street…). But yeah, good stuff has been happening.

For instance, we found three new investigators this week! That’s a big thing in this area. It was pretty neat. So, yeah… Now we’ve got some more stuff to do. Oh, that, and we decided to take up walking. We took a five mile walk on Tuesday morning in the name of saving miles. It worked out pretty well, and I was able to work on my tan a little bit. It was especially nice because the temperature has been coming down, and it’s usually only hitting 95 or so now.

Oh, yeah… Also, Elder Machuca came home this week. For those of you who didn’t know (which would include most of you), when I was home I went out with the Spanish missionaries covering my area quite a bit. Well, one of them just came home. I happen to be serving in his home ward. Anyway, it’s pretty neat. He’s willing to help us a ton, too.

Apart from that, not too much has happened. Oh, yeah… One of the members just got married, so we went to the wedding. That was fun.

But, yeah… I’m just about out of stuff to say right now. Everything is going well, the shoulder is holding in there and not hurting anywhere near as much anymore, and… Well, yeah… Good stuff is going on.

Everybody have an awesome week!


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