Best Timing Ever

Today, whilst  I enjoyed a lovely session of my biology class, a wonderful thing happened. You see, we had just finished a nearly two-hour lecture when the teacher abruptly stopped and said, “I suppose it’s time for the quiz.”

Now, I knew the whole time that this had been coming. But I also knew that I was not completely prepared for it. I hadn’t had sufficient time to complete the study guide, and therefore hadn’t reviewed all the necessary information to get a good score on the test.

But what occured approximately 10 seconds after the instructor’s statment was nothing less than a sign from heaven. A loud whining erupted from the wall behind me. Simultaneously, strobing flasehs lit the room. After several seconds, a calm voice began to say, “An emergency has been reported in the building. Please evacuate calmly. Do not use the elevators.”

With our lives at stake, we had no choice but to leave the building. Because class was nearly over, we quickly packed our things and departed before any of us suffered painful deaths by fire. Actually, I’m pretty sure that there was no fire at all, as I saw no plume of smoke erupting from the general vicinity about 20 minutes later.

Thankfully, I still live. But even more miraculous was my escape from the quiz. Woot.


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  1. allyson Avatar

    Wow. That is pretty sweet.

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