A Paper

I’ve been wondering this week how exactly it is that it takes me so ruddy much time to write a simple paper. You see, I keep on procrastinating (as I’m doing right this very moment…) writing a lovely paper. It has to contain quite a few pages, and I guess that the idea of taking the time to write such a paper is just a bit daunting. But why, exactly? I mean, I rather much enjoy writing on here.

So why is it that writing a paper for class is such a painful, drawn-out process? If I were to just sit down and write, I suppose that it would be pretty dang easy.

But I also know that every word – every single one – will be scrutinized. Perhaps not on this exact draft, but eventually. That, and I know that everything that I write has to be focused on one single purpose. And it has to do so effectively. On top of that, I have to be all formal-like. Oh,  and I have to do a ton of research. Dag.

Oh, how I wish that I could just write. I don’t dislike writing… It’s just difficult given the circumstances given me in English class. But then again, I suppose that it’s something that’s rather important. We do all need to know how to write effectively, and many times it will be in more formal circumstances.

So, that’s that. I’d better get back to my paper now. I have a limited amount of time left to finish another 5 pages. So, yeah. I’ll get on that.


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