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A Proper Workspace

I’ve been at college, I mean, officially at college, for a whole two weeks now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that having a proper place to work makes all the difference.

Life School

My Newest Love: Economics

Sugarland aka Supermarket

Economics is a fascinating subject. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am entranced. Now, before you go off thinking that I’ve totally lost my mind, let me explain.

Life School

Roman Chariot Races

As the chariot maneuvers to the left side of the track, the other chariots swerve aside – a horrendous collision could’ve occurred had such measures not been taken. The smaller vehicles in this Roman race swerved in and out – a dangerous web of high-speed objects weaving between one another. The Italian music on the radio set the perfect mood for the stunning display of land-based aerobatics.


My, the Time does Fly

Books ThumbnailSo, in the last little while, I’ve meant to post several rather interesting things, though I just haven’t gotten around to it. I suppose that I just need to get in there and do the stuff that I should. But, you know, procrastination and whatnot are so tempting!

You see, in starting school again, I’ve gotten busier than I was. Not to say that I don’t have any free time… I just have been too lazy to use it effectively.

The worst part is that I even spent some time taking pictures specifically intended for use on here, to be interesting, like the one above. That one was so that I could complain about the ridiculous costs of books. I don’t know how much they cost before, but I know that my parents are apalled at the current cost of books (even the used ones). So am I. Anyway, they’re super expensive, and I think it’s pretty stupid.

But yeah, other things currently going on include a full and complete redesign of this site. I’m going to totally reorganize the site, add my portfolio, and make it more interesting. You see, I’ve narrowed everything down to about three main categories that I post (or would like to post) about, but people interesting in one may have absolutely no interest in the others. So, I’m going to make those three categories pretty separate, so if you don’t want to read about one or two of them, you won’t have to.

So, yeah. I’m working on that, slowly, but surely. One day, it’ll be up here. I’ll probably post some pictures of my progress coming up pretty soon. Then you can give me ideas, and life will be happier.

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Don’t Kill Creativity

I truthfully could not tell you how in the world this video ended up on my computer. As a matter of fact, somehow it managed to replace all of my old podcasts, like CNN’s daily news and whanot. Somehow, all of them disappeared, and this video (from over two years ago) appeared out of nowhere. So, while I haven’t the slightest idea where it came from, I decided that I should watch it, because it had an intriguing title, one that I had been in support of for quite a long time.

The point of this video (entitled “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”) is all about how public school systems, though probably not intentionally, stifle creativity. I had been thinking that same thing.

Anyway, it’s a really stellar thing to watch. The man is very intelligent and speaks qutie a bit of what steps could be taken to resolve that issue. Anyway, if you get the chance, I suggest that you watch it. No, really, do. Find the time.

Life School

A Paper

I’ve been wondering this week how exactly it is that it takes me so ruddy much time to write a simple paper. You see, I keep on procrastinating (as I’m doing right this very moment…) writing a lovely paper. It has to contain quite a few pages, and I guess that the idea of taking the time to write such a paper is just a bit daunting. But why, exactly? I mean, I rather much enjoy writing on here.

So why is it that writing a paper for class is such a painful, drawn-out process? If I were to just sit down and write, I suppose that it would be pretty dang easy.

But I also know that every word – every single one – will be scrutinized. Perhaps not on this exact draft, but eventually. That, and I know that everything that I write has to be focused on one single purpose. And it has to do so effectively. On top of that, I have to be all formal-like. Oh,  and I have to do a ton of research. Dag.

Oh, how I wish that I could just write. I don’t dislike writing… It’s just difficult given the circumstances given me in English class. But then again, I suppose that it’s something that’s rather important. We do all need to know how to write effectively, and many times it will be in more formal circumstances.

So, that’s that. I’d better get back to my paper now. I have a limited amount of time left to finish another 5 pages. So, yeah. I’ll get on that.

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My Declaration

In the past few years, I have tried to remain a fencesitter in the constant duel between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. But this neutrality seems to be coming to an end. Rather, I just realized yesterday that I’m not so much a U of U fan. Not to say that the U of U succeeding makes me unhappy… But just that it would make me happier if BYU were succeeding.

I realized this yesterday when I was invited by my good friend, Bufu, to attend the BYU game with him. I rather much enjoyed it, and while I was there I realized that I would not have held the same amount of optimism if I had been at a U of U game. I mean, at a U game, I would certainly root for the U (provided they weren’t playing against BYU), but I have decided that I truly enjoy the color blue more than red. It’s just a fact of life. Plus, since I attend BYU, I suppose that I have a duty to be a fan.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game yesterday. Like the concert that I posted about awhile back, going to live events just holds a special something for me. I assume that it’s the same for just about everyone. I mean, just seeing it live makes a huge difference. There’s a different feeling at a live event.

I do, however, regret that BYU didn’t perform better against UNLV. I was especially disappointed when I texted ChaCha and received the answer that they weren’t even ranked. And yet, somehow, BYU barely managed to hold them off for the win. And do I ever mean barely…

But hey, it made the game more exciting. Had it been a shutout, I suppose that I wouldn’t have been quite as interested toward the end. Okay, I most certainly would not have been. So, in that way it was good.

Anyway, it was good fun. And don’t hate me for being a BYU fan. It’s just who I am.


Of Tablets and Buses

I’ve thought about writing various posts in the past few days, though mostly due to the beginning of school I have, as of yet, been unable to do so. But, it seems that I have now found a moment that is calm enough to write a post.

As I stated, this week I began school. It’s been pretty exciting. Tuesday was the first day, which meant an early busride down to the lovely city of Provo. I don’t yet know how I feel about riding in a bus twice a week, but thus far it certainly hasn’t gotten on my nerves. It gives me a chance to do some homework, read, or write a post in a nearly undisturbed, if not entirely comfortable, situation.

The Utah Transit Authority has done a decent job of making the rides simple and pain free. I have access to good ‘ole wireless internet, which is very appreciated. Of course, a good deal of the time it lags around at the rate of dial-up, but at least it’s the internet. Plus, it makes me appreciate the fast internet at school and home more.

Aside from the buses, I also decided to write about a superb discovery that I made today. During one of my classes, we took our first trip to the computer lab that we will often be using. There, I found not just one, but a great many beautiful surprises… Wacom Cintiq tablets staring at me from 80% of the computers in the room. They are $2000 jewels of amazingness for those of us who want to draw on our computer screens as if they were pieces of paper. I remained in awe for several moments. Rarely have I beheld such a stunningly beautiful sight. My only complaint is that they don’t include the required pens… So I’m going to have to get one so that I can utilize the amazing things.