My Declaration

In the past few years, I have tried to remain a fencesitter in the constant duel between Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. But this neutrality seems to be coming to an end. Rather, I just realized yesterday that I’m not so much a U of U fan. Not to say that the U of U succeeding makes me unhappy… But just that it would make me happier if BYU were succeeding.

I realized this yesterday when I was invited by my good friend, Bufu, to attend the BYU game with him. I rather much enjoyed it, and while I was there I realized that I would not have held the same amount of optimism if I had been at a U of U game. I mean, at a U game, I would certainly root for the U (provided they weren’t playing against BYU), but I have decided that I truly enjoy the color blue more than red. It’s just a fact of life. Plus, since I attend BYU, I suppose that I have a duty to be a fan.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game yesterday. Like the concert that I posted about awhile back, going to live events just holds a special something for me. I assume that it’s the same for just about everyone. I mean, just seeing it live makes a huge difference. There’s a different feeling at a live event.

I do, however, regret that BYU didn’t perform better against UNLV. I was especially disappointed when I texted ChaCha and received the answer that they weren’t even ranked. And yet, somehow, BYU barely managed to hold them off for the win. And do I ever mean barely…

But hey, it made the game more exciting. Had it been a shutout, I suppose that I wouldn’t have been quite as interested toward the end. Okay, I most certainly would not have been. So, in that way it was good.

Anyway, it was good fun. And don’t hate me for being a BYU fan. It’s just who I am.


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  1. allyson Avatar

    We can’t be friends anymore… 🙂

  2. Well, ’tis a sad day. But I had to be truthful.

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