The Coldest Day

Yes, that’s right. This weekend, I experienced the coldest day that I have in quite a long time. It was a day unequaled by any in Arizona. And therefore I am happy.

I like cold. I like snow. So, I was happy.

But, I was not here. I do believe that it snowed here. But I didn’t see the snow here. I spent this last weekend in a stunning part of Idaho, enjoying cold weather and preparing my family’s cabin for winter. It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. Plus, I found the perfect way to make s’mores when the only fire is inaccessible (or, rather, nearly so)… Believe it or not, a quality s’more can be made with a microwave. I’ll even include the recipe.

Ingredients: 1 full graham cracker, broken in half (to form 2 squares; 2 puffy marshmallows; some chocolate (an amount equivalent to 2 pieces of a Hershey’s chocolate bar)


  • Place both the graham cracker pieces on a plate
  • Put the chocolate over 1 of the pieces of graham cracker
  • Microwave the graham cracker pieces and chocolate for approx. 20 seconds (at least in the microwave at my cabin…)
  • Put one marshmallow on top of each piece of graham cracker
  • Microwave everything for approx. 10 seconds, or until the marshmallows begin to inflate
  • Take it out, slowly turn over the graham cracker piece with no chocolate on it to make a sandwich, taking care to not make the inflated marshmallows roll all over. If they do, they make quite a mess.
  • Enjoy!

I hope that works for you. It worked beautifully for me. Tastiest thing ever.

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My family went up the canyon last night to have what will probably be the last “smore” night of the year. I thought I would miss them, but now I can make them in the microwave? I won’t have to wait until spring!

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