Tag: Life

  • My Latest Project

    I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Some of you know that I have, for a time, wanted to make another blog. One that’s not personal. One that could be of assistance to someone, more than just informing them of how my life is going. In light of that, I will soon be launching another blog. […]

  • Finally Launching the New Design

    I know that it’s been many months since I said that I was working on and getting close to implementing a redesign and restructuring of the site. Well, the day has finally come.

  • Creativity vs. Productivity

    Regrettably, I don’t remember exactly where it was that I read something about this, but wherever it was, it certainly illustrated an important part of many people’s lives. Many of us, myself included, need to exercise a certain amount of creativity in the workplace. Whether it be in creating a graphic, drawing something, coming up […]

  • An Economy

    Today, in doing a part of the huge amount of reading that I have to do (for school, naturally), I’ve learned quite a few interesting things about the economy and how it works. I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to the recession that we’re facing today, but as far as how the economy itself […]

  • The Coldest Day

    Yes, that’s right. This weekend, I experienced the coldest day that I have in quite a long time. It was a day unequaled by any in Arizona. And therefore I am happy. I like cold. I like snow. So, I was happy. But, I was not here. I do believe that it snowed here. But […]

  • Matt’s Legacy

    I’ve been meaning to write something on this subject for awhile now, but I hadn’t yet been able to find something that I considered a suitable way to present it. But now, I figure that I can’t put it off any longer. This week, my beloved grandfather, 94 years of age, passed away. He had […]

  • The Wisdom of Drizzt

    A little over a month ago, before school and other things took up my time, I asked my brother, “Do you know of a good book that I could read?” After explaining that I wanted a novel, not something non-fictional, he suggested the Icewind Dale Trilogy, by R.A. Salvatore. This trilogy is very enjoyable just […]