My, the Time does Fly

Books ThumbnailSo, in the last little while, I’ve meant to post several rather interesting things, though I just haven’t gotten around to it. I suppose that I just need to get in there and do the stuff that I should. But, you know, procrastination and whatnot are so tempting!

You see, in starting school again, I’ve gotten busier than I was. Not to say that I don’t have any free time… I just have been too lazy to use it effectively.

The worst part is that I even spent some time taking pictures specifically intended for use on here, to be interesting, like the one above. That one was so that I could complain about the ridiculous costs of books. I don’t know how much they cost before, but I know that my parents are apalled at the current cost of books (even the used ones). So am I. Anyway, they’re super expensive, and I think it’s pretty stupid.

But yeah, other things currently going on include a full and complete redesign of this site. I’m going to totally reorganize the site, add my portfolio, and make it more interesting. You see, I’ve narrowed everything down to about three main categories that I post (or would like to post) about, but people interesting in one may have absolutely no interest in the others. So, I’m going to make those three categories pretty separate, so if you don’t want to read about one or two of them, you won’t have to.

So, yeah. I’m working on that, slowly, but surely. One day, it’ll be up here. I’ll probably post some pictures of my progress coming up pretty soon. Then you can give me ideas, and life will be happier.


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  1. This is a test of some features I plan to integrate into my site.

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