A Proper Workspace

I’ve been at college, I mean, officially at college, for a whole two weeks now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that having a proper place to work makes all the difference.

The past two weeks, I was struggling. With a horribly uncomfortable chair and a desk measuring only slightly larger than most textbooks, I was having trouble getting work done. Of course, the fact that I tried fitting two 21-inch monitors onto that size of a desk didn’t help much… But either way, I was lacking space.

I spent several hours last week pondering the size of my room, comparing it to the size of my desk back home… After vising Ikea’s site several times to find the measurements of my desk (very lonely, sitting at home) and using a spare cable as a measuring tape, I decided that it would be possible — if only barely — to fit my desk (and wonderfully comfortable chair) into my room.

Today, I backed the car into the parking spot nearest the stairs to my apartment and carried the parts of the desk (including the massive slab making the largest part of the desk) into my bedroom, where I spent a couple of hours assembling it.

And wow. Wow. With a comfy chair and spacious desk, I’ve worked so efficiently — almost beautifully. It’s been awfully fulfilling, uninterrupted work. And now I’ve finished — free to focus on something other than school assignments… Mmmm… Happiness…


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