Annotating, or 'tagging' images, similar to Facebook

Facebook-Style Annotations

Annotating, or 'tagging' images, similar to Facebook

As part of one of my projects, I’ve been working on creating (or, rather, patching together) an image tagging system. The web application for which I am building it is meant archive some of my family’s genealogical records. It will allow members of my family (both close and distant) to access records and information about our families. This includes photos, documents, and stories.

As such, I decided it would be beneficial to have a system in place that would allow for Facebook-style tagging of people. While I’m sure it is impossible to find the names of all the people in the photos, it would at least enable us to find images of specific people and help archive those photos for future generations.

It’s proved quite a challenge, but, using a simple JavaScript plugin to annotate images, I’ve been able to create a way to allow people to annotate the images with information about the people in them.

It should be quite useful in the end. I mean, what use is a photo of people if you won’t know who they are?

Oh, also, the man in the photo is not actually named ‘Bob’. I just called him that for fun.


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