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  • Obnoxious Bugs in CSS3 Columns

    I got pretty excited when I found a promising application for CSS columns in a project I’ve been working on for my wife – she sells Dog Collars and Toys on Etsy, and we’ve been collaborating on creating a site to complement her Etsy shop. I figured that CSS columns would be the perfect way […]

  • Facebook-Style Annotations

    Facebook-Style Annotations

    As part of one of my projects, I’ve been working on creating (or, rather, patching together) an image tagging system. The web application for which I am building it is meant archive some of my family’s genealogical records. It will allow members of my family (both close and distant) to access records and information about […]

  • My Portfolio

    As you will have noticed, if you actually visit this site, I recently made some changes. If you follow this via a feed reader (such as Google Reader), you wouldn’t have. If that’s the case, I suggest you visit There, you’ll see my new, updated portfolio.

  • My Latest Project

    I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Some of you know that I have, for a time, wanted to make another blog. One that’s not personal. One that could be of assistance to someone, more than just informing them of how my life is going. In light of that, I will soon be launching another blog. […]

  • The New Internet Explorer

    I don’t know how many of you know about this, but Microsoft recently released a brand new version of Internet Explorer. It’s Internet Explorer 8. Now, being a nerd, this is of great interest to me. Especially with the fact that I’m a web-designing nerd. And I’ll tell ya why: Internet Explorer 8 (and its […]

  • Rubik’s Cube… In Style

    Wow. I mean, I may like Rubik’s cubes, but this one… Wow… I just wanna buy one to keep on my desk for decoration. I could change it up a bit every day just to keep things interesting.

  • The Hana Table

    Not more than a few moments ago, I realized that it’s been just over two weeks since my last post. And for that I apologize. Well, I guess it doesn’t really hurt anyone but me. Anyway, as I realized that, I happened across a stunning table design. And here it is, folks. Sadly, I can […]

  • Typography

    Typography can be a powerful visual tool, and lately I’ve become quite fond of it. Not only can it get messages across quickly and directly, but it can also be used as a form of fine art. So, in light of that, and the fact that lately I’ve seen some amazing examples of typography, I’m […]

  • Josef Reyes

    A day or so ago, while I was surfing through my list of blogs in Google Reader, I came across these posted on ISO50, a cool site mostly talking about graphic design. I was very, very impressed with this work, done by the Graphic Designer Josef Reyes. It’s pretty stunning design, overall. I am especially […]

  • Creativity vs. Productivity

    Regrettably, I don’t remember exactly where it was that I read something about this, but wherever it was, it certainly illustrated an important part of many people’s lives. Many of us, myself included, need to exercise a certain amount of creativity in the workplace. Whether it be in creating a graphic, drawing something, coming up […]