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  • Starting up the Blog Again

    Starting up the Blog Again

    Hey everyone – I know that very few people are following this, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be posting with a weekly cadence starting again now. The posts will be almost entirely tech-related, since that's what I do now. I've got a couple of posts in the pipeline…

  • HTTPS for free with Let’s Encrypt

    HTTPS for free with Let’s Encrypt

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to add HTTPS to your personal sites or apps, without having to shell out the money to get a certificate from a certificate authority. Of course, self-signed certificates were always an option, but it really kind of sucked to have to always either bypass warnings or install…

  • A Refresh

    A Refresh

    I was going to title this post A New Beginning, but then I realized that all beginnings are really new, aren’t they? It just seemed a bit repetitive. That said, I’m writing this to inform you of my intention to update this blog on a more regular basis. Initially, I intend to write at least…

  • Automatic Deployment with Gitolite

    About Gitolite About a year and a half ago, I came across a great open-source git repository management tool called Gitolite. It’s a great tool for hosting and managing git repositories. It worked especially well for me because I run my own web server where I could set it up. If you’d like to give…

  • Yet Another Site Redesign



    Hey there! So, I know that I don’t really have any readers. However, I’m going to be increasing the frequency of my writing on the blog. Most of the information here will be related to my work and school, so it’ll be rather, well, technological in nature. I’ve got a couple of planned posts coming…

  • My Portfolio

    As you will have noticed, if you actually visit this site, I recently made some changes. If you follow this via a feed reader (such as Google Reader), you wouldn’t have. If that’s the case, I suggest you visit There, you’ll see my new, updated portfolio.

  • My Latest Project

    I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Some of you know that I have, for a time, wanted to make another blog. One that’s not personal. One that could be of assistance to someone, more than just informing them of how my life is going. In light of that, I will soon be launching another blog.…

  • Finally Launching the New Design


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    I know that it’s been many months since I said that I was working on and getting close to implementing a redesign and restructuring of the site. Well, the day has finally come.

  • The Importance of Themes



    Lately, I haven’t been posting much here. And believe me, there is a pretty decent reason for that. You see, lately I’ve realized that in order for a blog to have a following (and therefore make an difference, be it for better or worse), it must be focused on one subject or another. In my…

  • 1/10

    Who wants to pay $90 to get back? Any volunteers? Because I know that I sure don’t. And guess whose fault it is? I’m blaming godaddy. The reason that I am doing so mostly relates to’s lovely assumption that no one would ever want to change services to someone else. I mean, why…