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As you will have noticed, if you actually visit this site, I recently made some changes. If you follow this via a feed reader (such as Google Reader), you wouldn’t have. If that’s the case, I suggest you visit There, you’ll see my new, updated portfolio.

This summer, I’ve made the decision to enter more deeply into the freelance design business. Because I enjoy designing, this seemed a logical choice. Additionally, it provides me more flexibility in doing my work, because I’m not tied to a specific location or time to work.

As part of that decision, I decided that my site needs to focus more on that part of my work. Thus, this particular part of the site can truly become my personal blog, where I can post thoughts, experiences, and the like.

However, I’d also enjoy hearing your feedback on the changes on the site. I’ll also be working (as much as I am able) at refining the blog part of my site. There are several things that I’d like to change, starting with the typography.

So, drop me a line in the comments about what you think.


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