The New Internet Explorer


I don’t know how many of you know about this, but Microsoft recently released a brand new version of Internet Explorer. It’s Internet Explorer 8.

Now, being a nerd, this is of great interest to me. Especially with the fact that I’m a web-designing nerd. And I’ll tell ya why: Internet Explorer 8 (and its predecessor, Internet Explorer 7) embraces long sought-after web standards.

Internet Explorer 6 was, until very recently, used by a whopping 40% of the web-browsing public, which was absolutely ridiculous. It’s a web-developer’s nightmare, really. It’s not compliant with standards for web design, which meant that things that looked absolutely incredible in other browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and the newer versions of Internet Explorer, looked absolutely horrid in Internet Explorer 6. As a matter of fact, they still do.

Truthfully, the reason I write this is to encourage any of you who still may be using Internet Explorer 6 (that’s 25% of people that visit my site!) to please, please upgrade. Not only will you do a favor for yourself and all web developers, but you will also do a favor for starving people, because Microsoft is donating money for food for each copy of Internet Explorer 8 downloaded from this site.


It will make your life better. I promise you that.


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