The New Internet Explorer


I don’t know how many of you know about this, but Microsoft recently released a brand new version of Internet Explorer. It’s Internet Explorer 8.

Now, being a nerd, this is of great interest to me. Especially with the fact that I’m a web-designing nerd. And I’ll tell ya why: Internet Explorer 8 (and its predecessor, Internet Explorer 7) embraces long sought-after web standards.


The Importance of Themes

bloggingLately, I haven’t been posting much here. And believe me, there is a pretty decent reason for that. You see, lately I’ve realized that in order for a blog to have a following (and therefore make an difference, be it for better or worse), it must be focused on one subject or another. In my experience (which is far from perfect), people follow blogs, websites, etc. because they are interested in the content thereof.

When a blog randomly jumps from one subject to another, it becomes drastically less likely that a person will be interested in all content posted there. This means interesting things for bloggers, namely that they have to focus on one subject or another. If they ignore this, it’s very likely that the only people interested in that blogger’s site will be his or her immediate family and close friends. But this poses another problem: if a blogger focuses solely on other content, he risks alienating his family and friends that don’t share his precise interests.

I also stronly believe that is the precise reason why out of so many blogs, so few have a decent level of readership.

In order to be effective, a site must have interesting, thought-provoking articles. While many life experiences can provide that, they must be presented in a certain manner.

With the coming redesign of my site, I’m going to do my best to address some of those issues. I sincerely hope that it will work out well. If it doesn’t, my blog will simply remain a part of those with a low readership.

Life Site

The Change


Yesterday I made a rather sudden decision to change webhosts. I realized that I was getting tired of the old host. I mean, they served me well for quite some time, but then I noticed that other services provided much more space and whatnot at a lower price. So, I made the switch. The other one will still be there for quite awhile, (nearly a year), but I’m switching almost completely over to the new guys.

Anyway, that’s my story. So, as you may have noticed, you’re at, not It should be a good switch, I hope.

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I’m Reasonably Happy

It’s true, I am. First off, I’m happy because I’ve almost got the styling and whatnot done for the site. Well, ok, at least I’ve overcome all the major errors. That’s the biggest thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap everything else up in the next few days.

I’m also relatively happy because lately I’ve been watching the Olympics, especially the swimming part. There have been some incredible performances by members of the United States Swimming Team, specifically in the Men’s 4×100 relay, which can be found here. I would highly suggest that you watch the video of it – or at least the last 15 seconds of the race if you can manage it. It’s pretty stellar.

So, yeah. That’s what it comes down to. Mostly I wanted to write another post so that I could see something else while I’m working on my site’s content, because I’m getting tired of the other post.


The New r.t

Well, here I am… Yet again, I’m making another blog. I know, before, with the exception of one, they didn’t work out very well. But I’m gonna try again. So, please forgive me for that. Right now, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s a work in progress. I just barely started. So, there you have it. If you’re here right now, viewing this post, either you’re going back a ways or I’ve given you the address to my new site before it’s near being done, just so that you can look at it and keep updated.

Its pretty cool, eh?
It's pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, during this post, I wanted to express my happiness at seeing the little ‘A’ in the picture at the left. Before Tuesday of this week, that ‘A’ didn’t exist. It was simply a dash. Now, please, let me explain why that’s significant. That ‘A’ stands for the word ‘Add,’ which is referring to adding, or registering, for a class. That particular course happens to be a program-specific course, requiring admission to the Industrial Design program.

So, basically, my seeing that ‘A’ there means that I have been admitted to the Industrial Design program at Brigham Young University, which just so happens to be one of my greatest aspirations at this point. That means that right now I am rather happy. And that’s the whole point of my taking a picture of that little, seemingly insignificant letter.