The Hana Table

Not more than a few moments ago, I realized that it’s been just over two weeks since my last post. And for that I apologize. Well, I guess it doesn’t really hurt anyone but me.

Anyway, as I realized that, I happened across a stunning table design. And here it is, folks.

hana_150409_01hana_150409_02hana_150409_03Sadly, I can already hear what my mom’s words would be as a result… “It would be impossible to dust!” Well, shoot dang. It’s awfully pretty, even if it would be kinda bothersome to dust it. Plus, it can go completely flat.


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  1. allyson Avatar

    Your mom and my mom should be friends. Whenever I point out cool dressers in a store, or cool looking cabinets, all she ever says is “That would be so hard to clean!” They must know what they’re talking about though…..

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