Life – Through New Eyes

Well, I suppose that cameras really don’t have eyes. But lenses and light sensors and whatnot are kind of close to eyes, right? In a technological sense?

Anyway, last week I made a somewhat sudden (though also somewhat premeditated) decision to purchase a DSLR camera. I had been looking at them for the last little while, and based on Consumer Reports’ information on the subject, I decided to purchase a Canon Digital Rebel XSi. It’s a stunning camera that takes amazing photos, and I can’t complain about having access to 12 glorious megapixels and the ability to snap 3.5 pictures per second.

More than anything else, however, it’s made me totally unafraid to snap tons and tons of pictures. It’s probably not healthy for my hard drive, but it makes me want to take the camera everywhere (even if that may just be a result of the cost…), just to snap pictures.

Anyway, I have to say that thus far I most certainly have not been disappointed, at least by the camera. It takes awesome pictures and I’ve been able to practice quite a few new things that weren’t even an option before.

I don’t think that my family members are the biggest fans of my being able to take tons of pictures in rapid succession, especially my little brother, but I’m sure that he’ll get over it eventually. He’s always been a bit camera-shy, and so far he hasn’t been the most enthusiastic about my being able to take so many more pictures, but hopefully he’ll get more used to it as time goes on.


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