Shhhh… I’m Hunting Wabbits!



I had to write a bit about a lovely trip that I took last weekend with one of my good friends. We went down to his ranch in central Utah and used his collection of guns to shoot at stuff, including clay pidgeons, targets, and an occasional rabbit.

Anyway, I thought that I’d say that it was quite a bit of fun. I haven’t been shooting in quite awhile, since I went as part of a youth activity, and it was good fun, though I kind of hurt my ears before I started using ear protection.

As part of this, I got to shoot some interesting guns, especially the lovely handguns. They’re quite a bit of fun to shoot, if you didn’t already know.

Another cool thing was that a dog ran over from another ranch just to follow us around all day. It seemed to enjoy running in whatever direction we shot, just so that we couldn’t keep shooting that way. It was probably going to find whatever we were shooting at, but it made it kind of hard when we were shooting at targets, as it’d kind of get in the way. But, still, it was still nice to have a canine companion with us.

So, yeah. That’s the story. It was pretty fun, though certainly not cheap… Ammo costs quite a bundle.


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