Free? Free My Foot!



credit-report‘Free’ generally implies ‘free of charge,’ in my experience. How about yours? Well, apparently not for The revenue that they generated from the advertisements and pop-ups on their site wasn’t sufficient, so they decided that they should automatically get anyone that applied for a free credit report and sign the up for a monthly service and charge them $15.

Apparently this has happened to a good number of people, as is made clear by the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles, which has listed 7800 complaints for the company in the past 36 months.

I’m sorry, but the whole idea that you would base something completely off of being free and then charge the consumer shortly thereafter isn’t the best way to conduct business.

I’m sure that they’ve got it listed in their terms of service, somewhere, that they were going to do it. But apparently they don’t make it all that clear. So, enjoy your extra money and questionable ethics,… And I’ll enjoy being ripped off. Thanks.

Note: I still do have to admit that I like their commercials. They’re pretty darn funny.


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