I’m in the Future



gmail-futureI’m pretty sure that none of you knew this, since I didn’t even until a few minutes ago, but I can send messages to people in the future. Yeah, that’s right. I sent a not-yet-email to someone.

Mostly I’ m writing this because I haven’t written anything in awhile, and believe it or not, that makes me feel lazy. So, in an effort to make myself feel less lazy, I’m writing this post. There’s actually been quite a bit of interesting stuff that’s happened lately, like a trip to St. George, constant singing of the song (whatever it’s called) that goes, “Are we humans, or are we dancers?”

Plus, I’ve scored pretty well on a couple of tests, found a huge bug on Priceline, and been to Ikea for the first time. So, yeah. I’d say that I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. But I have to blame the fact that I haven’t posted on one simple thing: I haven’t really been actively seeking topics about which to post.

So, from here on out, I’ll be better at it. I promise. Also, I promise that the redesign of the site will be up & running soon.


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  1. Testing comments. Sorry, but I’m working on my new theme, and I have to test some stuff out.

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