The Fun Theory



People tend to enjoy things more when they’re fun to do. Have you ever noticed that? Well, just in case you hadn’t, it’s true. For example, if I think climbing a tree is fun, I’m more likely to climb it than I would otherwise be.

And that applies to all things. I remember that when I was younger, and didn’t enjoy doing chores, my parents counseled me to ‘turn it into a game.’ While it was, at times, difficult to be creative enough to turn anything and everything into a game, when I succeeded, those things did truly become much more entertaining.

And thus it is in this video – by transforming these stairs into something fun, many more people elected to take the stairs. And thus, kudos to Volkswagen for the idea of the fun theory. The idea is that socially beneficial activities, such as recycling bottles, throwing things away, etc, can be encouraged by making these activities fun for people.

Check out to learn more. (And see more videos like trashcans that make noises, a bottle recycling arcade game, etc.)


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