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Prey - Open Source Security for your Phone & LaptopAs I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, the modern world, with our dependence on fancy-schmancy gadgets (with which I have an undying obsession, I might add), and the vulnerabilities that come along with such gadgets, it is essential that we care for our expensive gadgets. For that reason, I suggest you install some security to assist in protecting your beloved gadgets and sensitive information that you put on those gadgets.

I know I’m not the only one who has some potential security loopholes in my devices. For example, I leave my laptop signed in to gmail all the time. It makes life easier for me. But, it also opens me up to some potential problems.

Now, I’ve never lost my laptop or phone. But if I did, thanks to an awesome open-source project, we can improve both our security and our ability to reclaim our lost possessions, should we lose track of them.

This project is called Prey. The idea is rather simple: you install prey. If you lose your computer or phone, you simply tell Prey. Then, your computer (or phone) begins reporting its position, erasing files, or basically whatever you want it to do when it’s lost (or stolen). You can even have it periodically take pictures using a built-in camera, and send those photos to you, thus helping you identify either its location or the person who took it.

It’s pretty sweet, overall, and has helped me improve my peace of mind regarding my computer and whatnot. All-in-all, it’s pretty sweet.


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