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  • Pi-Hole & DNS over HTTPS

    Pi-Hole & DNS over HTTPS

    There are some cool things about running your own DNS server. I use it to reference some web services that I run internally more easily, like my Unifi Controller, PiAware, and my home-grown Linux Server. It’s a lot easier than trying to keep track of the IP addresses of everything in your network. For that […]

  • Moving or Distributing Your Docker Build Cache

    Recently, I hit an issue where building docker images on containers meant that the Docker cache wasn’t being persisted from one build to the next. So even if you ran an identical build on the next run, it’d still rebuild every step, costing you valuable time. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to save your Docker […]

  • Using Docker for WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

    Using Docker for WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

    In the time since I actually learned something about deploying to the web, I’ve been extremely unhappy with my WordPress development workflow. As a result, I haven’t developed any WordPress themes or plugins in quite a few years. I’ve just used themes and plugins as-is, but I’ve finally decided that I want to actually build […]

  • ‘Download to Phone’ in Google Music

    I’ve been a happy Google Play Music All Access subscriber since the service was initially introduced. The thing that hooked me wasn’t just that it had a great selection of the music I like, but also that I could add my own music to their cloud if they didn’t have it. The ability to add […]

  • Quick Site Searches in Chrome

    I’ve been exclusively using Google’s Chrome web browser for a while now, (for several reasons, about which I will post later) but I just recently discovered an amazing feature. And when I say amazing, I really do mean it. How often do you want to specifically look something up on Wikipedia? Youtube? CNN? For me, […]

  • Secure Your Electronic Devices

    As I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, the modern world, with our dependence on fancy-schmancy gadgets (with which I have an undying obsession, I might add), and the vulnerabilities that come along with such gadgets, it is essential that we care for our expensive gadgets. For that reason, I suggest you install some […]

  • Simple Email Tweak = Better Email

    I recently found a super awesome trick for e-mail. All you do is add a + to your email address with some term after it. Like this: