‘Download to Phone’ in Google Music



2014-10-06 20.37.24

I’ve been a happy Google Play Music All Access subscriber since the service was initially introduced. The thing that hooked me wasn’t just that it had a great selection of the music I like, but also that I could add my own music to their cloud if they didn’t have it. The ability to add your own music to your music streaming service is, well, pretty dang awesome.

Anyway, the one thing that I’ve been a tad bit frustrated with is that, while I’m listening to music on my computer, I can’t select any option to download that album, track, or whatever to my phone. I love being able to install apps to my phone without picking up the phone, but not being able to download music to my phone without picking it up, opening the music app, finding the album, and selecting the ‘Download’ option was a tad bit frustrating.

Well, I’ve just discovered a solution: Create a playlist called something like ‘Download to Phone’, tell your phone to download that playlist, and any time you want something downloaded to your phone, just add it to your ‘Download to Phone’ playlist. Next thing you know, you’ll have that music on your phone for your offline listening adventures!


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