Another Update from Arizona

Here’s the next update… But for those of you who don’t know, if you send an email back then I add a personal message at the top the next week!

While I’ve been making progress with the language, this week had some other challenges involved. Yesterday we found out that one of our investigators won’t be able to be baptized this Saturday, like we had planned. She’s having some problems, but she’s eager to get them fixed, so that’s really good.

So, we still have the one baptism this Saturday, of a really awesome blind lady named Petra. She’s super-difficult to understand, but she’s soooo eager and ready for baptism. We also had one investigator ask us (not so kindly, especially since he was drunk at the time) to not come back, because he thought that we had been talking bad about him behind his back (of course we hadn’t been). That was pretty exciting.

We only had the investigators with Baptismal dates show up to Sacrament meeting, which was kind of depressing, but hey, there’s always next week! I also gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting. I only fumbled for words a few times, and it really went pretty well. I didn’t have much time to prepare, but it was only a 10 minute talk, so I managed well enough.

We got our car back, so now we can go visit the people who live further out of town now, as opposed to being limited to the main town area. Let’s see… What else happened this week?

Oh, yeah! I got some strange fungal infection thingy on my hand and all, and it was all red and spreading, and making my skin fall off and everything, but I got that fixed. We talked to one of the Bishops here who is also a doctor, and he gave me a prescription for it, so now it’s mostly better. The best part, though, is that the cream stuff smells like maple syrup! It’s pretty awesome.

My cooking is much more reliable than the MTC food, though I have a lot less variety. I’m sure that eventually I’ll get tired of noodles with Marinara sauce on them… (But that is really good)

Ok, I don’t really know what else to say, so I’ll stop there. But hey, life is great, the church is true, and all of you are supreme! (Especially the ones who wrote me back *wink, wink*)


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