The Weekly Update

This week has been pretty dang good, except for one rather big thing. On Saturday morning we were playing basketball in the church during our personal exercise. I reached up to block the ball, and… Guess what!? My left shoulder dislocated! Yeah, super exciting. It wasn’t your regular pop-out and back in type of dislocation, either. It stayed out and I was walking up to the entrance to the hospital when it popped back in.

We’ll have to see what happens with that. Anyway, other than that, it really was a supreme week. While the life of the members here is really still like a soap-opera, they have been making a lot of progress with it. We’ve talked to our investigator with a baptismal date who was involved in the whole thing, and he’s realized that he needs to repent, and he is willing to do so. Also, both he and his wife agree that their marriage is improving. So, that’s spectacular.

On Saturday morning, we were given a beautiful new truck. A 2007 Chevy Colorado. It had a whole 106 miles on it when we got it, the majority of them from the trip up from the mission home. Anyway, it’s super-cool, and very much more fun to drive than our old Malibu. We’ve been trying to find a name for it, so far we have Shayla or Jamie. Anyway, minor details… *wink, wink*

But yeah, we’ve got 5 baptismal dates set. One of them is likely do stop, because he’s having some serious problems with the word of wisdom. But we’ve got at least 3 that are pretty secure. I’m super-excited.

Well, off I go. Enjoy the week ahead!


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