Hola Again!

How’s life? I hope that it’s all going well. This week hasn’t been horribly exciting,really. It has been starting to get chilly during the morning and night here. We played some sand volleyball this morning, and my feet are still cold.

We set another couple of baptismal dates this week, so we’ve got a total of five set for next transfer (that starts tomorrow). We’re really excited. Two of them are a couple that isn’t married yet, so we’re probably actually going to have them married and baptized on the same day. They’re really neat, and the girl has been reading all that she can from the Book of Mormon.

We also have a date set with a neat little man named Margarito. He’s super-excited about the gospel, and he’s been inviting the entire branch to his baptism. He’s so neat, and he will be a very powerful asset to the branch.

As to other things, really not much has happened. We’ve had more drama, with members having marital problems and other various stuff… Sometimes it really seems like a Soap-opera here. We try not to be involved, but with so few members, the news always gets around to us. And, the members all look to us for suggestions.

But yeah, that’s really some of the most exciting stuff going on. Both my companion and I are staying here for next transfer. Well, actually, the only missionary in our district that is being transferred is one of the Zone Leaders. So, there isn’t much change going on there.


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