The Weekly Report

This week has been good. We’ve got a few more baptismal dates set, which is great. We’ve been working hard and getting a lot done.

As to really new, exciting, and fun stuff… I’m afraid there hasn’t been too much. We had to have our car in the shop yesterday, but we’ve got it back now, so we only had to use bikes for a couple of hours. The Sisters that live in the apartment above us had one of their investigators give them some rattlesnake to eat, so they in turn gave some to us. Elder Barrios had a really hard time eating it, it was pretty fun to watch. Like before, it still tastes just like chicken. There really isn’t enough meat on it to make it worth eating, but it’s always fun to say that you’ve eaten rattlesnake.

Conference was awesome! I absolutely loved it, and I’m sad that it’s over already. Only 10 hours…. 🙁 Anyway, it all works out. I watched 1 1/2 sessions in Spanish, and I actually got most of it. The translators are really easy to understand, because they speak extremely clearly, unlike the Mexicans and Elder Barrios. One of my favorite parts, or one thing that I remember most clearly, was when Elder Baxter pointed out that the Wise man built on the rock… But that didn’t mean that the storms didn’t come. He had built his foundation in Christ, but still had to weather the storm. He just didn’t fall, because he was built in the right place. It’s a good reminder to all of us that we still will experience trials.

Ok, I can’t think of anything else super-exciting… So I’ll wrap it up. Enjoy everybody, good luck with school and whatnot!


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