Hey Everybody!

I’ve decided to not write as much to all of you now, because I’m sure that not all of you want to receive a novel about my weekly experiences. (Unless, of course, you’re my mother.)

Anyway, this week has been pretty good. We’ve been able to help resolve some of the issues that we were having previously, so that’s been great.

This week we chose to delay our P-day until Tuesday so that we could go to the temple, so I’m actually in Mesa right now. We went to the temple this morning, which was absolutely great! As we were leaving I saw my MTC companion and his companion, so I greeted them, but we didn’t get a chance to talk. But it was still good to see him.

On the way down from Payson today we were riding with our Zone Leaders, who both feel the need for some serious speed. We came up over a hill, and, yup… You guessed it, there was a Cop. Elder Bailey (The Zone leader who was driving) hit the brakes but it was way too late. The cop pulled us over, and, luckily for Elder Bailey, was a member. So, Elder Bailey got off with a warning, even though… Get this… He had been going 26 MPH over the speed limit… Yeah, that’s right. He was going 91 in a 65 zone.

Also, Yesterday we had an encounter with some Drunk Mexicans, who, I have to say, were pretty hilarious. When we told them that beer was bad, they told us that we couldn’t possibly know because we hadn’t tried it. They said that there was absolutely no way to know that something was bad unless you personally had tried it. Of course, they didn’t like it when I pointed out that I didn’t have to jump off a cliff to know that it was bad… Anyway, they were pretty hilarious, and their complete lack of reason made it even more funny.

So, yeah… That’s it. Sorry, I still wrote a lot…


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  1. So glad that my need for speed will live on forever in your blog… Sweet site man, I’m impressed.

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