Sorry it’s going to be short, but we’re short on time this week. We’ve got our Zone Activity today, and I can’t really skip out on that. Anyway, this week has been good.

We only had one investigator at Sacrament Meeting this week, but it all works out. We taught more member lessons than ever before, which is so awesome! People are so much more likely to accept the gospel when they are taught with a member there.

We also had the baptism of Joanna on Saturday, and I actually did the confirmation. That was exciting, as I’m still definately not the best in Spanish, but it went smoothly enough. At least I didn’t mess up in the important parts.

Halloween was great as well. We had a giant Stake activity, where we had a ton of investigators show up. E. Barrios and I judged the pumpkin-carving contest, and all in all, it was great fun.

Well, yeah. I’ve got to be off now. I love all of you!


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