Happy 11th of December!

Why hello, everybody!

I’d like to report that though we used the Air Conditioning this week (Yeah, in December), the work is progressing very well. This week we managed to teach 24 total lessons, a great leap from last week. The best part is that the members here are really starting to help us, especially with giving us referrals and going out with us to teach. It’s really superb to have their help.

I’d also like to report that I now have a Christmas tree in the apartment. Though it is an inflatable one, it still helps to being the Christmas Spirit. Of course, so does Christmas music. But yeah, it’s good stuff.

So, in other words, the work is really going well now here. The one problem is that not much other interesting stuff happened. I mean… We drove around, taught lots of lessons, and… And… Well, we did help get ready for the Branch Christmas party this upcoming weekend…

Oh, yeah! We had our Interviews with Pres. Watson (The Mission President) this week, and the training that we had otherwise was really awesome. It was completely different than any other meeting that I’ve ever had, but it was very edifying.

But yeah, that’s round about all of it. Everybody, enjoy your week! Hopefully I’ll have more exciting stuff to write about next week. Well, let’s hope it’s not too weird…


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