O Está, Todo Bien

Well, hey everybody! Yeah, Phoenix is still unnaturally hot for this time of year, but hey. I couldn’t expect anything else, now could I? It certainly won’t feel like Christmas this year, with Palm Trees and 65-degree weather. But maybe that’s a good thing. If it was too much like Christmas at home, I might get homesick. (Who knows, I might anyway!)

But yeah, this week has been good. The work here is a lot slower than it was in Payson. It’s kind of surprising, since here we have probably 15x the Spanish-speaking population that we had in Payson, but it’s still slow. We only taught 9 lessons this week…

Anyway, there’s tons of work to do… Tons.

But on the other hand, we had some great blessings this week, as well. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates with people who already have strong testimonies. One of them should be on the 16th, the other on the 6th of January. It’s really a blessing since there hasn’t been a baptism here for round about 6 months.

As far as the threesome here goes, it’s getting better. The apartment is still a tight squeeze, but I’m getting more used to it. I guess the biggest thing now is that neither of my companions are into keeping stuff very clean. I know it may sound surprising, but I spent much of my mealtime (mostly lunch) cleaning up the apartment.

But yeah, that’s how stuff is going here. It’s pretty good fun. Oh, yeah! I drive every day. That’s jolly good fun. Or, at least, I enjoy it. It’s rather similar to driving in Salt Lake.

We also went to the Christmas lights at the Temple this week. Holy Cow! They’re so pretty. I mean, seriously… They’re awesome. I ran into a Sister from my MTC District there, and she’s actually on her way home today for medical reasons. She said they couldn’t figure out what they were. But anyway, that was interesting to hear. She said that she’s coming back out as soon as they’re fixed. So, yeah. We’ll see what happens there.

Anyway, such is life. Enjoy, everyone!


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