Lady Burglars?

Well, hello again, everyone!

This week brought with it some rather interesting experiences, I must admit. On Thursday, I believe, we were riding our lovely bikes along the road when we saw 3 ladies come around the corner. The weird thing is that they were all running, but weren’t in running clothes, and certainly didn’t look like runners. That, and the lady in back was talking on her cell phone. But, you know, I didn’t think too much into it. That is, until the lady on the cell phone asked us if we had a cell phone. Well, we answered no. Directly after that, she asked us to follow the ladies in front of her, because they had just been robbing her house. Anyway, so we started following the other two ladies, who really weren’t going fast, since they weren’t in the best of shape.

But you know, what can we really do to stop them? I mean, we can’t hold them down by force or anything… Anyway, so we kept following them, but the lady behind was falling further and further behind, and we had no way to communicate with the police. Anyway, after the ladies figured that they couldn’t get away from us, they dropped everything that they were carrying, and kept on going. After awhile, we gave up following them, because they weren’t stopping, and it didn’t look like they were carrying anything else.

Anyway, we spent the next couple of hours talking to the police and whatnot, almost all of whom were members. The lady that had been robbed was also a member. But yeah, that was exciting. I just wish that we would’ve done more.

But yeah, fun stuff going on here! We’ve made some good progress here in the branch, and it looks like we should have at least a couple of baptismal dates by next week. There’s a bunch of people here who have been prepared in the last little while.

Actually, one of the dates that we should be setting is with a little 9-year old girl. Her mom is less-active, and she’s been taught almost everything, just that she hasn’t wanted to go to church because her mom wasn’t going. So, due to the help of an awesome member here, they’ve started going to church! Anyway, she’s excited, and all that we really need to do is set a date with her!

But yeah, life is good!


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